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Professional Packet

Bio of Jfox – He was born in Tucson  and attended school in Massachusetts and Arizona. He was a wrestling champ in junior high. He earned a degree in General studies at Mesa Community College in Arizona. Following that he transfered to ASU to study Art Administration. He has worked as a nightclub bouncer and security gaurd at a metal yard for ten years. He has worked on rap music for over twenty years. He is primarilly a freestylist and has very original lyrical content.

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Artistic Statement– Today’s rap music has gotten a bad “rap”. It is imperative to speak of things that your audience will find uplifting. I have left music groups because their message was too dark. The youth of today looks up to performing artists. I hope to provide a sound that they can relate to and respect. The way to do this is by striving to be creative; to look at what’s going on in the world and address it. Artists must be fair and aspire to be looked up to, while conveying a positive message. It is important to not fear ambiguity, being uncertain whether society will embrace a new style is a good thing with music. In the field of entertainment we must open doors, turn pages, and talk to strangers. We must challenge assumptions. It is my ethical feeling that my music must introduce new ways of thinking. The energy that I exude is picked up on by my fans. I have to keep a positive attitude at all times through my performances. The need to be a good role model is more profound today than ever. The heroes that were once portrayed on television have given way to darker characters. This can be eradicated when positive uplifting artists become successful. They will prove to the younger generations that noble pursuits are valid. If we can build a generation that respects hard work, equality, human rights, nature and art, then we will be making a huge difference in society. I hope to bridge the gap between the era of the 1950’s and today. Making an effort towards utilizing a positive attitude in everything that I do is my ambition. My goal is to  bring a change to the world through music, art and drama. Bringing the energy and passion of hip hop and dramatic performance into the context of social change.  I plan on making a difference in the lives of my fans without jeopardizing my integrity as an artist and human being. I believe in always keeping my faith strong and proving that I will use my gifts wisely. The way that a man carries himself is very important and propels him through life. In the music I do I hope to be a positive example to the world around me! My goal is to show that a good attitude always outweighs a negative one. There is a contagious effect to a smile. I want to get my whole audience smiling at the end of my shows, and have that smile spread throughout like ripples on the water.

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 A phoenix lights saga –

2009 light orb fleet-

Negotiate the hate-

Tony and His Agent-


5104 E. Van Buren St. Phoenix AZ, 85008   Apt. #1203

Cell- 602.785.7577    Email-



Bachelor Degree of Art Administration- 2013

Arizona State University– Tempe, AZ.

Herberger Art Institute’s Dean’s List


Associate Degree of General Studies- 2009

Mesa Community College– Mesa, AZ.


Volunteer Coordinator- Wing stock, 2013/2014- This is a Music festival combining local restaurants and live music. I held the position of volunteer coordinator, managing the delegation of event duties by recruited volunteers.

Mentor- Friendly House, 2012/2013- Worked with youth preparing them to transition into their education’s at ASU. Campus Tours, Public Speaking, Events

Event Planner- Camp Sparky, 2012/2013- Produced a bike safety event series at Bethune Elementary in Phoenix. Facilitated in gaining sponsorships that provided free bicycles and safety lights for students. Performed composed music.

Executive Assistant- Urban Sol, 2012/2013- Event facilitator while working with Professor Richard Mook, bringing music and culture events to the Phoenix Civic Park and ASU campus. Photographic Database construction utilizing Excel.


Independent Contractor- Total Transit, Tempe, AZ 2013/2014- Customer service specialist, Ability to maintain an extended work schedule and still produce above average customer feedback.

Gallery Assistant- Art Intersection, Gilbert, AZ 2013-2014- Intern for Art Gallery and photographic studio and work space. Staging, Event preparation, live events

Technical Advisor- Candle Comics LLC, Worked extensively as a film director, talent scout, photographic model, cinematographer, Actor as Leading Role as Guy S. in the Candle Comic series.


Cover letter

Jeremey Fox

Ron Laffite Sr. VP A&R

Capital records

1750 N. Vine St.
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5209

Jeremey Fox

I am writing you to audition for a rap contract. My music is very original and I feel I could fit in well with the style of your artist Chingy. I have a positive and upbeat message to my fans. I am a college student at ASU and have my ear to the pulse of the University.

Here is why I am qualified. I have been rapping for over twenty years and am a freestylist with very original material. The need to be a good role model is very important to me. There is a negative light cast on the rap industry at times. This can be eradicated when more positive uplifting artists become successful.

I will be attaching my resume and a link to some of my music. Thank you for any consideration. I will follow up with you via email in two weeks.

Sincerely, Jeremey fox

I have attached my Resume, Video links , and Blog Address              A Phx Lights Saga

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Elevator Pitch

My name is Jeremey Fox, I am an aspiring rap artist and actor. I specialize in freestyle lyrics and live performances. I shoot videos and am interested in acting projects. I need a team of technological advisors, for beats , music videos, and marketing myself to major companies. I am a creative thinker and can use my language mastery to assist you in ghostwriting for music and advertising jingles. Here’s my card, I look forward to hearing back from you. Take a look at my blog, Lets’ see if we both share a passion for bringing a positive change to hip hop music.

Acting monologue-

OEDIPUS: I care not for thy counsel or thy praise;
For with what eyes could I have e’er beheld
My honoured father in the shades below,
Or my unhappy mother, both destroyed
By me? This punishment is worse than death,
And so it should be. Sweet had been the sight
Of my dear children–them I could have wished
To gaze upon; but I must never see
Or them, or this fair city, or the palace
Where I was born. Deprived of every bliss
By my own lips, which doomed to banishment
The murderer of Laius, and expelled
The impious wretch, by gods and men accursed:
Could I behold them after this? Oh no!
Would I could now with equal ease remove
My hearing too, be deaf as well as blind,
And from another entrance shut out woe!
To want our senses, in the hour of ill,
Is comfort to the wretched. O Cithaeron!
Why didst thou e’er receive me, or received,
Why not destroy, that men might never know
Who gave me birth? O Polybus! O Corinth!
And thou, long time believed my father’s palace,
Oh! what a foul disgrace to human nature
Didst thou receive beneath a prince’s form!
Impious myself, and from an impious race.

Press release

For immediate release:

Feb 16th 2012

Media contact:

Jeremey Fox, Rap Artist


Freestyle Rap Talent Available for live show


Who: J Fox, an Arizona State student is ready to market his talents and perform life uplifting music at no charge.

What: Live performance with freestyle lyrics or songs performed from his upcoming Album.

Where: The Domain, 1900 E Apache, Tempe Az, 85204

When: Available Saterday’s  for day or night performances.

Cost: Generously Underwritten by The Domain

Public Contact:   Jeremey Fox  with Gatervision Enterprises  602.301.0284

*I have including links to my rap video

A Phoenix lights saga

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JFox and Gatervision Productions


Live Hip Hop performances.

Ghost writing rap lyrics.

Small film production.

Low budget commercials, Ad jingles, Live promotional advertising.

EBay Selling services for Artists.

Basic Acting lessons to Acting for TV and Film.

Stage Combat Training.

Private security.

Storyteller, Public speaker.

Skateboard safety expert.

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