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Poloroid Camera  wrote with this beat on youtube-


Quick glimpse into the days that we live, fade away its our day to give ,  less war  thats grey non positive,  we pop collars and say,  its a new day  lets all say “HOORAY”   My story gets vivid its a life lived the fast way, every day, I seize the moment, time and again I strain to acheive  still fallin short of my ideal, adveristy handled is determination in real tangible form, still old photoes are warm, the times chage, clothes look strange, entropy’s insane,  law of nature were never the same.


Rap Olympics London 2012

Shout out to the hip hop nation.  Everyone I’m going to London 2012.  Auditions are  February 1st, 2012 going to submit an online freestyle! 

JFox’s First Television Appearance

Ufo talk show ( with rap performance ) Hey fans, doing big thangs these days, watch out for me on Tucson public access this month.

Shout out to Jeff Woolwine for putting me on the air,

 and to E Freezey for some killer beats 

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