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The Radisson Hotel Survival Guide

The Radisson Hotel Survival Guide

Dream Work Space

As a rap artist I plan to be on the road a lot and will be adopting a live out of a suitcase mentality. This can be tricky as a good work space can turn into a big list before long.

In my hotel room it will be imperative to have these items.                         

Ugg  boots- for comfort indoors.

Professional rules-

  • No partying  inside hotel.                                           
  • No women sleeping over.
  • No fighting or disrespect.
  • No parties

These rules will ensure a safe working environment and a peaceful place to return to on the road.

I will need a team consisting of an accountant, a lawyer and an agent, I must be able to communicate with them and keep up good communication while on the road. The room will be best suited if it has a couch for clients and meetings.  I will need to keep an electronic organizer and a date back-up in the hotel safe. The TV.’s remote is to be removed until 9pm then the hotel can return it. Guaranteeing the television won’t become a distraction. Following is a list of items I will need.

  • A computer with Dragon voice recognition to write new songs.
  • Back cushions and a reading lamp.
  • Pencils and fresh paper, notepads, post-it’s
  • Live plants, non smoking room
  • Video camera, portable audio mixing boards
  • First aid kit

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