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Mystery Castle, Arizona


Built by one man

Mobile Cellphone Photography

Photo post.

Source: Mobile Cellphone Photography

2pac Art

Tupac's Last Ride.jpg

Sunset Over My Neighborhood


ARIZONA @ dusk

Sunset Photography


New Headshots

New Headshots

Tony and His Agent

Short comedy sketch

88 miles per hour! J-fox is back


Urban Sol hip hop event executive assistant!


Urban Sol Hip Hop Event

Urban Sol Hip Hop Event

I am doing my senior capstone with this event and will be coordinating the media, marketing and talent contracts. We will be doing two shows one in fall at ASU and spring in LA.

Summer Time

Sup y’all, Staying tan and working on a summer internship. My senior year is gonna be great! For sure getting out to the AZ water spots like canyon lake and saguaro. Keep blogging and really making a difference!  Music is the vehicle, Love is the Reason!


Best home recording studio BOSS 600


This system is killer,  We made ALOT of songs on it and it never let us down…

Here’s a fresh written for my soldiers<>

City of wings draped in heat, on the new pressed streets , makin our beatz

savage tech skills pay the bills  , grow cabbage, rappers above average

in the age of Pandora , raps tailored for ya, purchased Billy Ocean on Amazon

As I sail in the new musical horizon. Jfox

Poloroid Camera  wrote with this beat on youtube-


Quick glimpse into the days that we live, fade away its our day to give ,  less war  thats grey non positive,  we pop collars and say,  its a new day  lets all say “HOORAY”   My story gets vivid its a life lived the fast way, every day, I seize the moment, time and again I strain to acheive  still fallin short of my ideal, adveristy handled is determination in real tangible form, still old photoes are warm, the times chage, clothes look strange, entropy’s insane,  law of nature were never the same.

Rap Olympics London 2012

Shout out to the hip hop nation.  Everyone I’m going to London 2012.  Auditions are  February 1st, 2012 going to submit an online freestyle! 

JFox’s First Television Appearance

Ufo talk show ( with rap performance ) Hey fans, doing big thangs these days, watch out for me on Tucson public access this month.

Shout out to Jeff Woolwine for putting me on the air,

 and to E Freezey for some killer beats 

The Radisson Hotel Survival Guide

The Radisson Hotel Survival Guide

Dream Work Space

As a rap artist I plan to be on the road a lot and will be adopting a live out of a suitcase mentality. This can be tricky as a good work space can turn into a big list before long.

In my hotel room it will be imperative to have these items.                         

Ugg  boots- for comfort indoors.

Professional rules-

  • No partying  inside hotel.                                           
  • No women sleeping over.
  • No fighting or disrespect.
  • No parties

These rules will ensure a safe working environment and a peaceful place to return to on the road.

I will need a team consisting of an accountant, a lawyer and an agent, I must be able to communicate with them and keep up good communication while on the road. The room will be best suited if it has a couch for clients and meetings.  I will need to keep an electronic organizer and a date back-up in the hotel safe. The TV.’s remote is to be removed until 9pm then the hotel can return it. Guaranteeing the television won’t become a distraction. Following is a list of items I will need.

  • A computer with Dragon voice recognition to write new songs.
  • Back cushions and a reading lamp.
  • Pencils and fresh paper, notepads, post-it’s
  • Live plants, non smoking room
  • Video camera, portable audio mixing boards
  • First aid kit

HE(the music in my)AD

Music is Mandatory, Flat line without a rhyme, comatose if I can’t compose a flow
Notes loft in smoke, jazz clubs packed with prodigical ghosts
Loft packed with albums and autographs, dust collects from era of the past
Thelonious monk hittin key’s in abstract simplicity, these riffs move through my inner circuitry
Stood affront the oracle and asked for a miracle, the path to nirvana is most definitely musical
Trombone and snare drums move my day along, pitter pat of shoe soles eloquent and soothe the soul   Jfox

Thelonious Monk Tribute to the great Thelonious Monk

Pollution got me sayin Dear me…

Pollution be outta control these days; makes me say Dear me… me when I see the globe looking out my window; thought it was closed and the blinds drawn the shadows of toxic clouds envelope us now just to drive.. really ?just a small change is really going to ease pain on Mother Earth. go to the park think u know how clean the water is then drink.. nope 50 feet down iits a chemical pond from the trees down .. birds out to eat in brown fox prey zone.. we need to do some quick fix before the silver fox lay down way to be . We need to protect the planet that you have a bond with yo let’s go ahead and do some beach cleaning to save the world kid

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